"The Rat Hash"


The 12th Annual Hash of TPLH3

Hash Start: 12:01 AM, February 2, 2010



It was a drunken night of Hashing in Nittany Valley when a few Hashers came up with a really stupid idea...create a Hash in Punxsutawney, PA that would run right from Gobbler's Knob, right next to Phil the famous RAT. It's a place that was waiting for 112 years for something like this and 1998 was the year it was a Hashing event as well, or at least another excuse to drink BEER!

Here's how it works; We are a separate Pennsylvania Hash (13 years now). We have 1 Hash a year, every year on February 2 (2/2 or Tu/Tu).We threaten/tease to elect the new officers at every Hash... except finally after 11 years in a row and 1 year on hiatus, this year we actually appointed a new officer! All hail the new TPLHHH Emperor, Tickle Me Homo!!!

Here is this year's Inner Circle:
Emperor: Tickle Me Homo (Nittany Valley H3)
Religious Consul:Yellow Bed Wetter (Nittany Valley H3)
Tax Collector: Circle Jerkinator (Nittany Valley H3)
Senator: TuTu Fairy (Nittany Valley H3)
Senator: Pork Screw (Nittany Valley H3)
Senator: Pippi Schlongstocking (Nittany Valley H3)
Senator:Wee Willie (Nittany Valley H3)
Senator: Beaver Bam Bam Balls (Stan Nats H3)

Take a look at the list of those who are currently registered.
Yah, but WHO THE HELL has done this before?
And be sure to check out Photos and video of past years.

Here are some other fun links:
Groundhog Chase: a movie to help prepare

View the Survival Guide video. (2.1 MB Quicktime)
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List of the upcumming runs as well as TPLH3 Hash History.

The REAL story of Punxsutawney Phil aka "The Rat"

Additional info regarding Punxsutawney and Ground Hog's day can be found at:

groundhog.org and punxsutawneyphil.com

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TuTu Fairy (tutu@nvhhh.org)

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